jeudi 17 août 2017


The whiff of a woman' s curl, the scintillating sparkle of a butterfly's wing, a connection established.
Replayed, repeated, interconnected.
Practiced, mastered, enjoyed.

In the world of synesthesia, syllables bring joy and senses brim like ectasy.

lundi 24 juillet 2017

A multi-faceted human psyche

The way I am interested in furthering my psyche is like a prism, a multi-faceted entity, where each of the facets has sort of two aspects to it, almost everything can be seen in two ways: something that is here for us to enjoy, just like that, or something that we need to work for, to be able to obtain a certain type of rewards.

Example: a book
 - we can read the book as describing the work of the person who wrote it, the person who wrote is benefiting from it in a few ways: attention, higher mind energy flowing to them, new ideas flowing to them, sales (but books are generally not very expensive, so most authors are probably in there for the money), and possibly other deeper, more subconscious aspirations, like self-validation.
- or we can read the book as reflecting the current state of our universe and by reading it we deepen and enrich the qualities of whatever is described in the book.

A phenomenon to consider is this: if it impossible to find and read a book about a certain topic, it means that it is not yet manifest in our universe. So, by contrapose (inversion if you prefer), if we are able to read a book a certain topic, it means it is already manifest.

Essentially what I am saying is that if you can find and read books about certain topics, they already exist, someone already did the work before to allow this "features" to exist, and by reading you are acquiring or refining the "features" in your universe. Some are more or less powerful, better or worse designed, more or less effective and so on. It is always up to you to adhere or not to certain theories, refine your thinking, and decide what is garbage or not.  It is up to you to decide if you are interested or want to allow certain aspects of reality in your universe. You can always get rid of the aspects you don't like. At the end of the day, we do what we want.

Living in a world that has come alive

An interesting technique I use to look at the world and reality is the psychology of "missing".

My opinion, and really my observation, is that when people miss you or think about you, they reach out to you with simple things like messages, letters and such.

Now here is the interesting, and fun thing to do: acknowledge that apps, websites and things can also miss you!

Try this experiment:
 - log out of your favorite social network and see how long it takes before it wants you to log back in.
 - turn off your cellphone and see how long before it wants to be turned back on, and so forth.
 - log out

You know it is missing you because:
 - you get emails saying "come back and log in"
 - you have certain thoughts, desires, envies, such as looking for your phone, wanting to turn it back on, etc. This "longing" or "wanting" means the thing is missing you.

In the negative world of pain, people call it "addiction", such as social media addiction, or smartphone addiction.

But in a world that has come alive, it is more like acknowledging that people and things can miss you, and they can communicate it more or less subtly and be more or less skilled at the game of meeting you, in other words they can be more or less skilled at the game of loving you.

So when things come your way, never forget to make space for gratitude and understand sometimes they are here because they miss you.